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We also repair modern grandfathers and wall clocks from regular maintenance to overhauls.

A complete overhaul consists of the following services:

  • Complete disassembly of movement
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Polishing arbor pivots to minimize friction in gear trains
  • Machine pivots square and level where wear has occured
  • Reassemble gear trains between plates to check for wear in pivot holes
  • Bush worn pivot holes
  • Check lantern pinions for wear and replace pinion wires if necessary
  • Check and repair condition of escape wheel teeth
  • Resurface pallet surfaces on verge
  • Adjust escapement (relation of escape wheel and verge)
  • Check clicks and clicks springs - repair or replace if necessary
  • Check clutch tension
  • Spring driven clocks - remove springs from barrels, clean.
  • Check barrel and arbor for wear and repair if necessary
  • Replace cable on weight-driven pulley and cable clocks
  • Adjust chime and strike functions during reassembly
  • Replace worn hammer leathers
  • Reassemble and oil
  • Test run for adjustments and regulation

We also have the capability to repair/restore antique wooden clock cases and some metal parts (please see our Before and After photos page).